Reviews of Skillshare Free Online Courses & is skillshare worth it and how it works?
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Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had followed your dreams right after high school?
If you had decided to major in art in college… instead of engineering?
Or if you had taken that job fixing classic cars… instead of going to work as salesman for a nationwide auto dealership chain?
Or... maybe you’re a stay-at-home parent who always wanted to learn how to make the perfect egg souffle? Or how to sew a dress for your daughter?
We can’t all afford to go back to college... or enroll in enrichment classes.
Nor do we always have the time.
But thanks to Skillshare… our dreams can still become a reality.
Our quest for learning doesn’t have to come to an end... just because we chose a different path at the start.
It is still possible to learn something new, feed a secret passion… even further your current career with this one-of-a-kind online learning platform.
In this article, I will show that YES, Skillshare is worth it? and I'll show a few reasons why we like this educational platform.  But first, let's start with a quick definition...
?The Basics: What is Skillshare?
Skillshare is a fully online learning community... with thousands of classes offered daily in design, illustration, business, tech, photo and film, entrepreneurship and, writing and more.
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Think of it as the "Netflix” for online courses... where you gain immediate access to more than 22,000 classes to improve and inspire you.
Today, Skillshare has more than 4 million students enrolled… and over $5 million dollars in paid teacher salaries (yes, you can earn money as a teacher for Skillshare; but, we’ll touch more on that in a bit).
The company’s mission statement is to make the new economy an open meritocracy, where the skills and expertise needed to succeed are available for anyone willing to learn them.
Skillshare classes are offered in four main categories:
Within these categories are thousands of offerings.
But before we delve deeper into that… let’s talk cost, shall we?
How Much does Skillshare Cost?
Well, there are two versions of Skillshare.
Skillshare Basic and Skillshare Premium.
Skillshare Basic is free.
Skillshare Premium is not.
So what’s the difference, you ask?  Besides the obvious, of course.
Good question.
See, you’re getting smarter already!
Skillshare Basic offers:
About 2,100 free classes with videos and tutorials
Access to the community, where you will:
create projects
engage in discussions
learn with other students.
Free mobile apps
If you opt for Basic, you will be directed to a page asking to choose 3 topics that are of interest to you.
From there, you will choose your subcategories.
And, voila, you are brought to the recommendations page… where you are invited to explore and even save the classes you find interesting.
skillshare review | skillshare classes | is skillshare worth it
Still sounds pretty good, right?
It does sound like a pretty decent deal… for free!
But, as with most things, free services are typically designed to get you hooked.
To give you a taste and leave you wanting for more.
More things that the free version just can’t give you, like:
Unlimited access to all 26,000+ online classes
Offline access to download and save classes to your tablet or mobile device
No advertisements
Teacher support (a portion of all paid premium memberships go into a pool to pay your teachers)
Scholarship contribution (helping other students in need)
Special perks (available with an annual premium membership only)
According to Skillshare, your membership pays for itself when you take advantage of these annual perks… which are curated services and benefits hand-picked for creative types just like you.
skillshare review | is skillshare worth it | skillshare pricing
So what is one to do?
Well, here’s the good news…
First, Skillshare offers a 30-day free trial that can be cancelled at any time.  I’d recommend doing the Basic for a week or so… see what the free class offerings are like before test driving the upgrade.
Second, if you do sign up for Basic (which I did), you’ll most likely get an email within the hour inviting you to try Premium free for 2 months.
Yes, 2 months.Free.
So why not give it a go?
And if after trying Premium, you decide there’s just no going back…
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